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SentencingStats' Platform Overview

  • Our data warehouse consists of 1.6 million cases from 2002-2023.
  • Data sources include USSC data files, BOP data, Social Security Administration data, U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics and data mining of case documents.
  • View and compare average and median sentence lengths, fines, orders of restitution, supervised release across all guidelines.
  • Drill down on sentences by offense, year(s), ethnicity, district, citizenship status, sex, criminal history, drug, education level and more.
  • Analyze patterns and compare averages for individual judges. 
  • Identify below guidelines trends and rates of departure. 
  • Extensive filters to include or exclude 5K1.1, mandatory minimums, statutory maximums, plea vs. trial and more.
  • Assess bias and uncover unjust racial and economic disparity.
  • Leveraging of machine learning/ artificial intelligence model to provide highly accurate sentencing prediction.


The U.S. Sentencing Guidelines are driven by ’emperical data and national experience, guided by a professional staff with appropriate expertise.’ Kimbrough v. United States, 552 U.S. 85, 109(2007)
Now, for the first time, you will have access to the same data utilized by the United States Sentencing Commission, but with a powerful, user friendly interface to most effectively advocate for your client. Access our data anywhere – even right in the courtroom!

Judge Profiler Now Live

We are excited to announce the release of our-long awaited Judge Profiler analysis package. We are opening the service  to a w ider group of firms and taking a handful of orders in March and April.

The judge profiler combines artificial intelligence with data science and our proprietary technology to drive deep, actionable insights about a judge’s patterns and behaviors at sentencing. 

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Federal sentence prediction has become a cottage industry in the media. Mainstream news outlets regularly feature’s reports, graphs and analytics and quote our founder, Mark Allenbaugh and oft-partner Alan Ellis for their expertise in Federal Sentencing.


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Professional Services

Custom Briefs

We provide custom legal briefs based on our years of experience as experts in arguing sentence hearings using statistics. We provide a wide range of custom brief writing for plea negotiations, trial defense, Habeas Corpus 2255 motions, Rule 35 motions, Appeals and more.

Expert Services

Our founder, Mark Allenbaugh, is a nationally recognized expert in Federal Sentencing data and analysis. Our firm has appeared as expert witnesses and/or provided expert declarations in hundreds of cases, providing the Court strong empirical evidence for departures, variances or lower guideline sentences.

Research, Analysis, Strategy

Our professional research consists of a wide range of research services including quantifying and analyzing Judge-specific data, matching USSC case data to dockets, BOP population and Covid analysis, lifespan analysis and much more. We regularly provide analysis and strategy to help attorneys and their clients make key decisions.


Our team is adept at delivering polished, concise and insightful presentations that can be used to help attorneys develop sentencing strategy or as a tool to communicate sentencing trends and insights using data.

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Effective Assistance of Counsel

Defense counsel’s preparation before sentencing should include learning the court’s practices in exercising sentencing discretion . . . and the normal pattern of sentences for the offense involved.​

(see citation)