Covid 19 Compassionate Release Kit​

Federal Resentencing Compassionate Release Kit​

Compassionate Release Kit to Support Federal Sentence Reduction Efforts

In 2023, the US Sentencing Commission expanded the definition of Compassionate Release, clarifying what qualifies as “extraordinary and compelling reasons”, providing new forms of relief for defendants dealing with unusually long sentences, victims of sexual assault by corrections officers, death or inpacitation of a care givers for loved ones, serious medical issues, unsafe or overcrowded conditions and any other circumstance or combination of circumstances that may be construed as extraordinary and compelling.

Our compassionate release data, together with our core federal sentencing data can greatly assist attorneys and their clients in petitions for compassionate release  at particular facilities and/or in communities and, where applicable, that a reduction of sentence would not create unwarranted disparities.

Note: we are the only company that has tracked Covid 19 outbreaks in the prisons, in order to monitor infections at BOP facilities and surrounding communities.

Our Federal Compassionate Release Kit typically includes:

Compassionate Release Graph


Paralegal Assist*


  • Most recent Covid-19 BOP Reports, charts, analysis
  • Case Assessment including document review and analysis
  • Step-by-step guide to using our reports
  • Professional Sentencing Report including statistical case analysis, comparisons
  • 1 Hours of Paralegal time

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*note: does not include prison specific analysis



  • Most recent Covid-19 BOP Reports, charts, analysis
  • Prison-specific analysis, life expectency analysis
  • Step-by-step guide to using our reports
  • Our team interviews you and creates reports for you and your specific case
  • Professional Sentencing Report, if applicable
  • Expert declaration
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***note: billed hourly at $400/ hour. Price is for a 10 hour block . Additional hours may be warranted depending on the complexities of the case.


Our consultants are available  to work with you to develop
customized Compassionate Release and sentencing reports, analysis, briefs, expert witness declarations and exhibits at $400 per hour. $4,000 minimum

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