About Us​

Founded in 2019 by nationally respected criminal defense attorney, Mark H. Allenbaugh,  and Software-as-a-Service pioneer Darren Kramer, SentencingStats.com is the first platform to provide attorneys an easy way to access and analyze Federal Sentencing Statistics, BOP data and other relevant statistics. We are the first to employ artificial intelligence techniques including machine learning and regression models to output highly predictive sentencing forecasts for defendants.

The result is an array of intelligence products that provide private and public defense counsel, media outlets, judges and policy makers with highly effective, actionable analytics and interactive tools.

Our sentencing reports can be exported directly to Word and PDF in a single click, giving attorneys an unparalleled ability to integrate sentencing statistics directly into their briefs. The company also offers a one-of-a-kind “done for you” service, providing professional research, custom briefs and expert witness services to Federal attorneys.

The platform also provides visibility into factors racial bias, exceeding harsh districts and sentencing trends, giving stakeholders, activists and policy makers an objective tool for analysis.

The Science of Sentencing

SentencingStats.com has performed significant data analyses, field tested various models, and over 5 years of R&D to clean up the raw U.S. Sentencing Commission datafiles and provide an incredibly easy to use web interface that allows attorneys to create complex, yet easy to understand case reports, filtered by a number of key variables. The reports include numerous charts that compare sentencing averages and medians along with in-depth trend analysis.

In 2023 we have taken these efforts to new heights by developing the world’s first Machine Learning based sentencing analytics models. We expect these to have significant impact and will be launching our first publicly accessible version in early Q3.

Our platform draws from  U.S. Sentencing Commission’s own databases, producing actionable insights into the 10,000+ variables covering over 80,000 offenders annually.  Our data warehouse spans 1992 to 2022 and consists of over several billion data points.

Within that rich data attorneys may derive statistics and trends from the national to the district level across thousands of scenarios. For the first time, Attorneys have the ability to match up their own cases to determine where a particular client’s likely sentence may fall, and more importantly, the compliance and variance rates of particular sentencing guidelines.

Our Leadership Team

mark allenbaugh

Mark Allenbaugh

President & Chief Research Officer

Nationally respected former U.S. Sentencing Commission attorney and entrepreneur with a 20 year track record in criminal and civil law.  Considered a leading expert on federal sentencing law, policy and practice. Quoted frequently in the national press and cable news outlets. Has published numerous articles on sentencing policy and criminal justice, which have been cited over 100 times in the top U.S. law journals, and over a dozen times in published federal district and appellate opinions.


Darren Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

A pioneer at the forefront of nearly every wave of web technology. 20 + years managing, marketing, investing in and advising SaaS startups, e-commerce platforms, brands. Has helped grow startups from zero to 8 figures annual revenue. Deep operating, marketing, tactical knowledge and experience.


Victor Flores

Acting Chief Technology Officer

Over 15 years experience in software development. Known for architecting, building, and managing software and web applications for multi-million dollar brands in the e-commerce space. A pioneer and early adopter of cutting edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) software.

Board of Advisors


Doug Passon

Ex-Public Defender and highly regarded Federal Defense Attorney. A writer and filmmaker, Doug operates a top blog in Federal Sentencing and his podcast is quickly becoming an authority in the space.  30 years in Federal and State defense law. 



Cary Elliott, PHD

25 years experience as an economist, data scientist and engineer. Served 12 years as  senior economist at the U.S. Congressional Budget Office, the U.S. Treasury and the Joint Economic Committee of Congress. Has overseen data processing and analysis at SentencingStats since inception.


Maureen Baird

Experienced former public defender specializing in federal sentencing and prison matters. Former high-ranking U.S. Bureau of Prisons’ official, having served as Assistant Director and Senior Counsel. National experience as an expert witness in Federal sentencing hearings. Deep experience in corrections, including 7 years as a federal warden.

Previous Affiliations

Our management team and board of directors have worked directly with just about every major stakeholder in Federal Sentencing including: The Bureau of Prisons, The U.S. Sentencing Commission, The Federal Public Defenders Office, The Supreme Court, the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) and the ACLU.

As Featured In

Federal sentence prediction has become a cottage industry in the media. Mainstream news outlets regularly feature SentencingStats.com’s reports, graphs and analytics and quote our founder, Mark Allenbaugh and advisor Alan Ellis for their expertise in Federal Sentencing.