Introduction to USSC Amendment 821 Part A & B: Zero Point Offender / Status Points Reductions

Amendment 821

Policy Priorities: The Commission discussed and voted on the final policy priorities for the period of 2023-2024. These priorities would guide the Commission’s work in establishing sentencing policies and practices for federal courts. Retroactivity of Parts A and B of the 2023 Criminal History Amendment: A significant decision involved voting on the retroactivity of Parts

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Does Pulsifer pulverize sentencing reform?

The Supreme Court made a decision in Pulsifer v. United States that significantly narrowed the reach of the “safety valve” provision, which allows for reduced sentences in federal drug offenses, undermining recent efforts by Congress to mitigate the harshness of mandatory minimum sentences. The majority’s interpretation, as described by Justice Elena Kagan, restricts the eligibility

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What Happens, Exactly, If Trump Is Sentenced to Prison? – SentencingStats’ President Mark Allenbaugh reviews scenarios with Intelligencer

Renowned journalist Ankush Khardori investigates the reality Trump will face if convicted to a custodial sentence. SentencingStats President and Chief Research Officer Mark Allenbaugh, provides an analysis and uses our sentencing data of the January 6th defendants to provide analysis and predictions of the outcome for Trump. Read Article Facebook LinkedIn

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