Addressing Unconstitutional Sentences Under the ACCA: A Critical Analysis

Thousands of inmates sentenced under the Armed Career Criminal Act (ACCA) are serving prison terms that the US Supreme Court says are unconstitutional. The recent ruling in Erlinger v. United States mandates that a jury, not a judge, must determine whether prior convictions occurred on separate occasions before enhancing a sentence under ACCA.

This landmark decision affects around 5,270 inmates, many of whom face extraordinarily high sentences. This highlights the urgent need for data analysis and advanced analytics tools evaluate sentencing disparities, and support motions for compassionate release. By leveraging technology and historical sentencing data, we can systematically address these unjust sentences, help those in need, and reduce burdens on the overcrowded prison system. 

In the latest guest article for Bloomberg News, collaborators Mark Allenbaugh, Maureen Baird, and Alan Ellis discuss the significant implications of the Erlinger decision and advocate for immediate action.  Their analysis underscores the importance of data-driven approaches to ensure fair outcomes for all affected individuals. For a deeper understanding of this critical issue and the proposed solutions, read the full article here.

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