Federal Sentencing Commission JSIN “Judicial Sentencing Information” system and why it’s lacking

The US Sentencing Commission created “JSIN” (sounds like “Jason”) as a resource for Judges who want to understand how defendants are really being sentenced under the guidelines. And, currently thirty-one federal jurisdictions are now incorporating JSIN data into the pre-sentence report. But, are the stats accurate? Could these numbers help or harm defendants? IN THIS EPISODE: -JSIN’s attempt to fulfill the neglected mission of the Sentencing Commission – data collection; -Flaws, kinks and glitches in the database; -Practical tips for doing your own JSIN database searches -Why the data excludes 5K, substantial assistance/cooperation departures; -Why CJA lawyers should now ask for expert funds to combat JSIN numbers in Pre-Sentence Reports; -How JSIN data will help not just for sentencing, but for appeal, compassionate release motion, and plea negotiations. LINKS:

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