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All of our products include hands on execution by our paralegals and data analysts, to deliver your analysis quickly and affordably.

Sentence Intelligence Report $899

We utilize our sentence analytics platform containing 1.5 million Federal cases to deliver an actionable and insightful sentencing analysis.  Deliverables include average and median sentences for similarly-situated defendants, below and within guideline range analyses, trend reports, and more.  

Amendment 821 Assessment $89

Our sentencing data professionals confirm you have the correct data points to assess defendant qualifies. We review details of your case and enter your data into our automated system. Our system will determine what the amended sentence range will likely be.  

Amendment 821 Resentencing Report $899

Professional Sentencing Report including statistical case analysis to validate qualification and maximize sentence reduction. Up to two hours of our paralegal time to conduct your analysis. Expert declaration signed by a SentencingStats officer.  

Compassionate Release Kit $899

Age, Medical conditions, family situations, unusually long sentences and other factors may qualify for compassionate release.  Our compassionate release kit provides actionable intelligence to, where applicable, support arguments that a reduction of sentence would not create unwarranted disparities. 

Federal Sentence Predictor  

Our Federal Sentencing Predictor leverages Machine Learning to forecast the sentence for any Federal case. This gives attorneys, defendants and judges the ability to see the court’s highest probability ruling; comparing pleas to trials. 

Want to be among the first to experience the power of our Sentencing Predictor?  

Life Expectancy Analysis $799

Published studies have proven incarceration greatly shortens an inmate’s lifespan. Our life expectancy calculation and analysis can be a powerful adjunct to show how many years a defendant will likely live, and what constitutes a likely life sentence.


Need something more customized?  

Our executive team offers hands-on custom analysis, expert declarations and brief writing. 

Corporate / Institutional Pricing

Are you a government agency, team or large institution? We proudly provide the world s most accurate sentencing intelligence to a range of institutions. Contact us for volume pricing!

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