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“Done For You” – Everything you need to assist in negotiating lower sentences and alternatives
Led by one of the nation’s most respected experts in Federal Sentencing statistics and analysis,
Mark Allenbaugh, our team regularly provides sentencing insights, analysis and strategic
consulting to attorneys across the country.
Our founders work hands-on, directly with your team to produce a sentencing intelligence report. We utilize numerous data sources in addition to our proprietary analytics platform, to deliver key learning, insights and strategic recommendations for sentencing or re-sentencing optimization. 
For the nearly 20,000 inmates with an opportunity to reduce their sentence under Amendment 821, we produce a custom report, tailored to supporting your Amendment 821 motion. Includes declaration from founder Mark Allenbaugh, a national expert in Amendment 821 as well as feedback and/or contributions to your motion.  
Using our proprietary data and methods, we pool relevant dockets and sentencing transcripts of individual Federal judges, uncover patterns and produce powerful profile analyses to inform attorneys on judge trends, tendencies, and behavioral and personality factors. Included docket and sentencing transcript analysis.

We drill down to find comparables to your case based on a number of variables including criminal history, offense, level, guidelines and demographics. Then we track down the dockets for those cases. Finally, we tabulate the data from the cases, surfacing cases that will be most useful to defendants, and providing an actionable case analysis.  

Our compassionate release data, together with our core federal sentencing report and analysis can greatly assist attorneys in motions for compassionate release at particular facilities or communities, and where applicable, drive insights and support arguments that a reduction of sentence would not create unwarranted disparities.
We provide custom legal briefs based on our years of experience as experts in arguing sentence hearings using statistics. We provide a wide range of custom brief writing for plea negotiations, trial defense, Habeas Corpus 2255 motions, Rule 35 motions, Appeals and more. 
Our founder, Mark Allenbaugh, is a nationally recognized expert in Federal Sentencing data and analysis. Our firm has appeared as expert witnesses and/or provided expert declarations in hundreds of cases, providing the Court strong empirical evidence for departures, variances or lower guideline sentences.
Our team is adept at delivering polished, concise and insightful presentations that can be used to help attorneys develop sentencing strategy or as a tool to communicate sentencing trends and insights using data. 

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Everything you need to assist in negotiating lower sentences and alternatives