We’ve been testing and refining our Judge Profiler system with a handful of Federal defense law firms. For a limited time, we are opening up the service to a wider group of attorneys. In the near future Judge profile analyses will require a subscription. 

Here are just a few of the questions our judge profiler can provide insights for:

  • What avg degree of departure does the judge grant for 5k1.1 cooperators?

  • Is loss amount an important factor for the judge?

  • Does the judge tend to show compassion for the sick and infirm?

  • When there’s a mandatory minimum, how often does the judge sentence right at the minimum?

  • Does the judge heavily penalize trial defendants over those who plea?

  • Does the judge seem to exhibit racial, gender or economic bias?

Federal Judge Profiler

Our A.I.-driven platform helps you compare your case to a judge’s historical sentences by guideline, offense level, criminal history, loss, and more.

Geographic Intelligence

Our Regional reports help you compare a judge's sentences to district, circuit and national averages, medians and trends.


Through a combination of human analysis and machine learning, we identify the judge’s cases within the US sentencing commission data.

This allows for filtering on dozens of variables, and allows you to compare your case to similarly situated defendants at a very deep level.



Once we’ve matched the USSC data, our system produces a ranking of the judges reasons for departing below the federal sentencing guidelines, alongside other judge’s reasons in the district and nationally.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can now provide provide defense counsel with highly actionable intelligence that wasn’t even possible to deliver only a year ago.

3553a Factor Analysis

Finally, we walk the last mile and analyze all of the judge’s 3553a factors recorded at past sentencings. Our A.I. model and our analysts work together to perform a meta-analysis.

The result is a truly insightful qualitative analysis on the judge’s patterns, temperament, style, behaviors, decision-making thought process, and personality.

See it in Action! Trump's Sentencing Judge Analysis

Coming soon: Enjoy our two part series where our president Mark Allenbaugh and advisor Doug Passon drill down on former president Donald Trump’s sentencing judge, Hon. Tanya S. Chutkan using our platform and process described above.

Coming soon: Part 2 of the series will feature Doug and Mark using ReasonRank and our 3553a Analysis to get inside Judge Chutkan’s head. 

Trump's Sentencing Judge Chutkan Analysis, Coming Soon

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