DAY 51

FCI-Lompoc is in the midst of a crisis, which begs the question what other facilities may be experiencing the same. Without data indicating the number of tests being administered by facility–including privately operated ones–no one knows.

On Day 51 of its outbreak, the BOP still has nearly twice the number of confirmed infections as the entire United States did on its 51st day.

At 2,697 active cases, the BOP has more active cases than the entire country of Switzerland (2,321). With 46 deaths, the BOP has more than both New Zealand (21) and Singapore (20) combined.

If the BOP were a country, it would have the highest rate of infection in the world by far at 1,441.9 per 100,000.

Despite the continued drop in the BOP’s inmate population, the number of active infected continues to increase.

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