Making sense of the Donald Trump RICO Please


Set for Sentencing: Amendment 821 Podcast

Three lawyers (so far) have plead guilty in the Georgia State RICO case. In this engaging podcast, Sentencing Stats’s founder, Mark Allenbaugh, advisor Doug Passon and Georgia attorneys Thomas Church & Jeff Brickman break down what it means. 


-First Offender Act sentencings in Georgia;
-Consequences for violating these agreements;
-Remorse, acceptance, and letters of apology;
-Significant differences between state and federal diversion pleas;
-The efficacy of pleading in GA, when they still likely face federal charges;
-The possibilty of deals being already in place with Jack Smith (i.e. “global resolution”);
-The beef over Jenna’s legal fees;
-Predictions for what comes next.


Announcing the
Amendment 821 Calculator

We’ve launched a free Amendment 821 Sentence Reduction Calculator. The calculator helps defendants and legal professionals quickly calculate an amended sentence range for qualified defendants in seconds. 

amendment 821 resentencing reduction calculator