Florida Man Receives Nearly 25 Years for Sex Trafficking

A Florida man was convicted by a jury of trafficking a 14-year-old girl out of a motel room over a two-month period. Sex offenders receive the highest average sentences at the federal level except for murder. They now constitute the third-largest group of offenders housed by the federal Bureau of Prisons at over 15,000 inmates, even though they account for less than 2,000 convictions a year. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdfl/pr/broward-county-resident-sentenced-292-months-prison-sex-trafficking-minor
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Mark Allenbaugh serves as President and Chief Research Officer of SentencingStats.com, Inc.. He is a former staff attorney for the U.S. Sentencing Commission, and a co-editor of "Sentencing, Sanctions, and Corrections: Federal and State Law, Policy, and Practice" (2nd ed., Foundation Press, 2002). Mark is widely regarded as a national expert in Federal sentencing guidelines, analysis and strategy.

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