Free Amendment 821 Sentence Calculator Launches

amendment 821 resentencing reduction calculator launches a free Amendment 821 Sentence Calculator. This tool helps defendants, families, and legal professionals calculate amended guideline sentence ranges, criminal history points, criminal history category, offense level and zone in seconds.

20,000 inmates qualify for significant sentence reductions under Amendment 821 Part A and Part B. The user-friendly calculator generates revised sentence ranges and provides clear analysis in plain English language. It also offers a “sentence predictor” based on our proprietary algorithm.

For a small fee, users can access a detailed sentence report and declaration prepared by’s experts. These reports can help to support amendment 821 motions and maximize potential sentence reductions. aims to promote fairness and transparency in the criminal justice system. The calculator empowers users with accurate information, helping them make informed decisions.

You can read more about our Amendment 821 calculator launch on our press release

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