Acquitted Conduct Debate

Acquitted Conduct

Tune in to the latest compelling webisode of Set for Sentencing where our co-founder Mark Allenbaugh debates constitutional law professor, Doug Berman on the future of Acquitted Conduct in Federal Sentencing. IN THIS EPISODE: Whether a client should have right to demand that a JURY make the determination as to whether certain sentence enhancements apply;

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Doug Passon Featured in New York Times

SentencingStats’s advisor, Doug Passon is a trailblazer in Sentencing Mitigation Videos. New York Times Columnist Karen Zraick showcases Doug’s work and it’s value in creating empathy. Sentencing Mitigation Videos are now being seen as a tool to help marginalized defendants. Our CEO Mark Allenbaugh is also quoted. Read the full article here.

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SentencingStats Provides Hunter Biden Analysis for Washington Post Feature

Washington Post

Mark Allenbaugh and provided in-depth sentencing data and analysis to the Washington Post, who utilized the information to compose an incisive story on the Hunter Biden sentencing. In the article, columnist Jason Willick analyzes the potential sentencing outcomes for Biden, who opted to accept an offer from the government of a pretrial diversion, a

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Elizabeth Holmes Post Sentencing Analysis

On Friday, 11/18/22, a federal judge sentenced Elizabeth Holmes to over eleven years in prison. Ms. Holmes was convicted after trial of a “fake it ’till you make it” fraud involving her company Theranos, and the revolutionary blood testing technology dream machine that was not to be. There are many lessons we can learn from

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Federal Sentencing Commission JSIN “Judicial Sentencing Information” system and why it’s lacking

The US Sentencing Commission created “JSIN” (sounds like “Jason”) as a resource for Judges who want to understand how defendants are really being sentenced under the guidelines. And, currently thirty-one federal jurisdictions are now incorporating JSIN data into the pre-sentence report. But, are the stats accurate? Could these numbers help or harm defendants? IN THIS

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