SentencingStats Provides Hunter Biden Analysis for Washington Post Feature

Washington Post

Mark Allenbaugh and provided in-depth sentencing data and analysis to the Washington Post, who utilized the information to compose an incisive story on the Hunter Biden sentencing. In the article, columnist Jason Willick analyzes the potential sentencing outcomes for Biden, who opted to accept an offer from the government of a pretrial diversion, a

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Zero Point Offender Analysis

Links Introducing a groundbreaking US sentencing guideline amendment that carries significant consequences: a 2-level reduction for individuals with zero criminal history points, subject to certain exclusion criteria. This amendment holds tremendous significance, as it is retroactive and has the potential to impact numerous inmates in the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) and countless clients currently facing

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Federal Sentencing Commission JSIN “Judicial Sentencing Information” system and why it’s lacking

The US Sentencing Commission created “JSIN” (sounds like “Jason”) as a resource for Judges who want to understand how defendants are really being sentenced under the guidelines. And, currently thirty-one federal jurisdictions are now incorporating JSIN data into the pre-sentence report. But, are the stats accurate? Could these numbers help or harm defendants? IN THIS

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